Welcome to Ozivoice.

This site is currently being created as a gateway to the inner thoughts, ideas, and general opinions of the regular Australian.  

The aim is to show what it is like for the regualr person living in modern Australia and to be able to express the concerns and isues that are often overlooked, or ignored, by those in power, offering an outlet for current concerns and a means to express openly what many seem to believe.

Some of the thoughts and ideas on this site may be contraversial to some, and the idea is to be as open as possible and hence some items may be offensive to some. 

It is recommended that this site be viewed by mature audiences only!

As they say the best place to start is at the beginning, and this is what this is.

The first post from me on to the new site.  

My name is Dazza (Daz) and am just a nobody from South Australia, trying to survive the best I can in this modern world.  Love it or hate it, its all we got.

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Welcome to Ozivoice.com and a new site that I hope will allow for various articles, information and thoughts to be expressed openly and honestly.

At his stage there may not appear to be much going on here , but I assure you there is numerous backend and structual changes and developments going on, that should be made available to all in the coming month.

The primary roll of this site is a blog about modern events in Australia. I am hoping that the views of the unknown be shared. I'm refering to those that may not be wealthy, or middle upper class, or have any influence etc. I'm talking about the regular forgotten Australia battler. 

The views I hope to capture are from those that are ignore by most, and especially by the government and public servant sectors.  The ones that are often shunned by the wealthier or more influential in society, and yet are also the ones that make up the majority in many areas of Australia and industry or social classes.

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